Director of Architecture

Director of Architecture

Director of Architecture 150 150 Cavalry Associates | DOB Approvals, Permits, Logistic plans, Major Construction Submissions

The Director of Architecture and Engineering is responsible for the overall performance of the design team in producing architectural and engineering plans and documentation for New York City construction projects. Basic responsibilities include executive communication and staff management.

Cavalry Associates works exclusively in the 5 boroughs of New York City. Our projects range from 1-2 Family homes to multi-story commercial building. The scope of projects can range from simple interior alteration to new building. We manage projects with demolition, alteration, enlargement, violations, and new construction.



  • Create and refine scopes of work based on each client’s needs and products requested.
  • Maintain effective internal communications to ensure team members are kept informed of company objectives.
  • Determine employee/employment needs and facilitating staffing-related activities in conjunction with Human Resources and Executive Management.
  • Assure maximum staff productivity through reviews, prioritizing and coordinating staff schedules, and negotiating deadlines to meet client requests/needs.

Production Manager

  • Create and monitor quality control activities to ensure professional standards.
  • Ensures that efficient work plans are developed for every installation project.
  • Manage team assignments to ensure workload activities are appropriately balanced and supported.
  • Check work progress to redirect activity and resources to meet project goals and time frames.


  • Provide coaching and direction to team members working on architectural and engineering projects.
  • Work with Human Resources to develop and implement training programs for Architectural Interiors team members to increase productivity, effectiveness, and foster client relationships.
  • Report to Human Resources and Executive Management regarding project and staff concerns and feedback on performance.


Minimum 10 years of experience in the following but not limited to project type:

  • 1-2 Family Building
  • Low-rise Residential Building
  • Multi-story Commercial Building

Minimum 10 years of experience in the following application types:

  • New Building
  • Alteration Type 1
  • Alteration Type 2
  • DOB Now Building Filings (Mechanical System/ Plumbing / Fence)
  • Site Safety Plans
  • Tenant/Occupant Protection Plans

Mastery in the following but not limited to code references:

  • 1938 NYC Building Code
  • 1968 NYC Building Code
  • 2014 NYC Building Code
  • 2016 NYCECC
  • 2020 NYCECC
  • NYC Fire Code
  • NYC Mechanical Code
  • NYC Plumbing Code
  • NYC Fuel Gas Code
  • Multiple Dwelling Law
  • Housing Maintenance Code
  • NYC DOT Standards
  • NYC DEP Cross Connection Handbook
  • NYC DEP Site Connection Guidelines
  • Mastery in the following but not limited to software platforms.
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Navisworks
  • Trimble Sketchup
  • NYC DOB Plan Examination Experience Preferred but not required.

Cavalry Associates is seeking to fill our open positions with passionate career minded professionals who are team players capable of contributing to a great group dynamic.

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